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      International Welding Specialist(IWS)

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      According to ISO14731 (EN719), the function of IWS may contain: assist IWE to settle welding technology problem; in charge of welding production and process control; participate to establish welding process and organise welding manufacture; solve problems during welding fabrication. IWS plays an important role to enhance the competitive ability in international welding projects and improve quality of welding products and fabrication management level.

      1 Access Conditions (One of the following conditions is feasible):

      1) To hold a diploma from Technical secondary school or Vocational secondary school or equivalent or higher and be above 20 years old and have at least 2 years experience in relevant fields.

      2) To hold an IWP or DVS Instructor diploma, be above 20 years old and have at least 2 years experience in relevant fields.

      3Having worked as a professional worker (with diploma after examination) in metalworking professions and minimum 3 years experience in welding related activities, and a minimum age of 22 years.

      2 Training Contents

      According to IIW-CANB-TC03-2000, the training includes:

      Welding processes and equipment

      <>Materials and their behaviour during welding

      <>Construction and design

      <>Fabrication and applications

      The contents involve: the standards and specifications of ISO, EN, ASME, DIN and national standards.

      3 Examination and Diplomas

      According to IWS guideline, candidates passing the examination can be awarded IWS diplomas after training.

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