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      Company Certification

      2011-06-14 13:46:14 FromHarbin Welding Training Institute Clicks:6348

            As China is getting stronger at the aspects of politics, economy, science and technology, the opportunities that Chinese welding fabrication enterprises and their products participate in international market competition are increasing continuously. Especially after China successfully joined WTO, market opening and trade barrier elimination make plenty of enterprises and their products from developed countries such as Europe and America flow into Chinese large market. While the chances are getting more, the domestic welding fabrication companies meet stronger competition and more challenges, especially in the fabrication fields of large steel structures, rail communication and petrol-chemical equipment. The internationally-recognized certification the companies shall have is not only required by relevant supervision authorities and standards and codes, but also the conditions under which customers and market choose enterprises and products. Moreover, it can help companies improve its management and product quality and participate in international market competition.

            After successfully completion of welding personnel training cooperation with GSI SLV Duisburg, WTI Harbin changed extended the leading cooperation scope to the field of company certification since in 1999. As the only cooperation partner with SLV Duisburg in China, WTI Harbin provides services of consultation and certification for welding manufacture companies. The main certification standards and fields including:
        ISO3834(EN729) Certification for quality system of welding manufacture companies
        EN15085-2(DIN6700-2) Certification for Welding of Rail Vehicles and Rail Vehicle Parts
        DIN18800-7 Certification for steel structure manufacture quality
        DIN4113-3 Certification for Aluminium Constructions
            WTI Harbin has carried out certification according to ISO 3834, DIN6700, DIN18800 standards for more than 200 companies such as Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co.,Ltd, Nash-elmo Industries(China) Co. ,Ltd, (former Simens Vacuun Pump and Compressor Company), Changchun Car Industries Co.,Ltd, Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Company etc,.


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